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Safari Garden houses a wildlife zoo filled with exotic and spectacular creatures from the animal kingdom. Providing an environment that is all-natural and highly stimulating, the Safari Zoo engages members of the community and visitors with many sights to behold and many new things to learn.

Bringing a stellar new destination for entertainment enthusiasts, our cinema offers the latest technology in visual and sound systems that go perfectly with the latest blockbusters. Feel the thrill of the big screen like never before, and enrapture your senses with every viewing, only at Safari Garden.

Safari Garden contains a central mosque designed to welcome a large number of people. Offering services for prayers and religious education, the mosque is a central pillar to the essence of spirituality within the community.

The central attraction of the community, Safari Mall brings a magnificent commercial experience that is set to delight residents and visitors alike. A shopping hub built on modern designs, and housing exclusive stores, entertainment facilities and a fantastic food court, Safari Mall is your one-stop destination for all things shopping

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